Dr. Anna Settle is a licensed psychologist with a Health Services Provider designation. She has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in individual therapy, couples/marital therapy, assessment, and consultation. Dr. Settle has experience working in clinic, university, hospital, and forensic settings, and sees patients with a variety of concerns including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, infertility, relationship/marital concerns, personality disorders, trauma/abuse, substance use issues, sexual issues, anger/irritability, stress management, career concerns, and those who desire personal growth. For self-help tips, you can find her column that is regularly published in The Tennessean or view her interviews on local talk shows. 

Regarding assessment, Dr. Settle conducts a variety of assessments to answer diagnostic questions. In addition, she is a trained Tennessee Forensic Evaluator and will provide forensic testing and/or testimony for a pre-determined fee. Please call to inquire about the type of evaluation needed and the corresponding fee for each assessment.

Dr. Settle has worked as an adjunct university instructor where she has taught courses on drugs and behavior, stress management, and statistics. She has conducted research in the areas of gender roles, eating disorders, date rape, smoking cessation, psycho-behavioral interventions on fitness, resiliency, effective teaching of psychology, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Throughout her training and career, she has received several awards, including Most Outstanding in the Clinical Psychology Department, Most Outstanding Practitioner, and Most Outstanding Researcher.